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Research is an essential tool- it helps us to understand the areas of greatest need under each of our strategic objectives, and assists in identifying effective approaches to meeting this need.

Committed to Learning

We are committed to learning through our grantmaking, and seek to do this through commissioning external evaluations of TLEF funded projects, helping grantees to develop their own internal evaluation strategies and encouraging all grant recipients to reflect on what they have learned through the design and delivery of their TLEF funded project.

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This section of the website is intended to act as a resource for existing grantees, organisations who are considering applying to us for funding for a project and the wider sector interested in issues related to our strategic objectives.



This section brings together a selection of research that can be filtered by our Strategic Objectives and by our three themes: The implications of Brexit, The role of legal advice in health and The online court.

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As a Foundation, we are committed to learning through our grantmaking. We do this in a variety of ways: from commissioning external evaluations of TLEF funded projects to helping organisations to develop their own evaluation processes and systems.

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By the year 2022, most civil disputes in England and Wales will be resolved through an online court. That, at least, was the plan. It is a breathtakingly ambitious one: an online court on this scale does not yet exist anywhere in the world.

Opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and should not be taken to be those of The Legal Education Foundation.

Blog Posts

University Law Schools and Access to Justice

The Legal Education Foundation has funded a range of projects exploring the ways in which University Law Schools can and do engage with issues around access to justice. This blog explains why the Foundation was interested in exploring this issue: it begins by setting out contemporary issues in access to justice before moving to present […]

University Law Schools and Access to Justice

Developing a Theory of Change

Charitable foundations and other funders are increasingly encouraging prospective applicants to produce “Theory of Change” documents for the projects they are seeking funding for. The following article provides an overview of this approach and sets out guidance for how to go about creating a theory of change document for your project. At its most basic […]

Developing a Theory of Change

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