This report published by the independent commission on the future of legal advice and support, aimsĀ  to develop a fresh approach, which involves measures to reduce the need for advice and legal support in the first place, while developing more
cost-effective approaches to service provision, both centrally and locally, and drawing on a wider range of funding sources than hitherto. Some of the key principles underpinning this approach are:

  • early intervention and action rather than allowing problems to escalate;
  • investment for prevention to avoid the wasted costs generated by the failureof public services;
  • simplifying the legal system;
  • developing different service offerings to meet different types of need;
  • investing in a basic level of provision of information and advice; and
  • embedding advice in settings where people regularly go, such as GP surgeries and community centres.
Report of the Low Commission on the future of legal advice and legal support: Tackling the Advice Deficit: A strategy for access to advice and legal support on social welfare law in England and Wales

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